1. Brief Introduction

  • 🔭 I’m currently a master student on XiDian University, majoring in Electronic Information.
  • 🌱My research interests include Machine Learning, Federated Learning, Applied Cryptography.

2. Education Experience


Graduate Student

XDU, Hangzhou Institute of Technology, Electronic Information • 2022/09/01 - 2025/07/01

Skills: Machine Learning, Federated Learning, Applied Cryptography etc.

Lab: Advanced Visual Research Lab.


Bachelor Degree

NCU, Software School, Software Engineering • 2018/09/01 - 2022/07/01

Skills: Object detection, Git, Pandaframe, Python, Kmeans, Dbscan, UDA etc.

Lab: Big Data Lab.

3. Github Stats

4. Skill Set

Language Framework Backend & DevOps
C++CPythonCSS3HTML5 pytorch AWSLinuxGitDockerGitLab

5. Internship experiences

Company name Department Job Information Technology stack Term of office

6. Open-source projects

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7. Organizations

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8. Contact with me

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